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Divergent - Deleted Scene 3: "Edward’s Incident"


New releases that continue or finish up popular series! 

hypertiger175 asked:

Hey alex its my birthday on July 13 and im turning 13 i was wondering if it wasnt too much for a Clancy teaser Thanks!


Egads, getting this in under the wire! (Sorry, I’ve been packing my apartment all day for my move!) I hope you had a fabulous day. 

As per usual, this hasn’t been copyedited and is subject to change or be cut from the final-final version of In the Afterlight. Please don’t repost it outside of Tumblr, though you’re welcome to reblog it. Spoilers, obviously!

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Some of the books that are going to be released in 2014 and that I’m patiently waiting for dying to read; 

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