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Anonymous asked:

Do you know if the reader (the one Hale stalked) is okay? She didn't do anything to them did she!?




hale never got to see the reviewer face to face, so they didn’t get hurt, and hopefully they won’t.

i’m actually worried that all this backlash will motivate hale to lash out again, seeing as her career just took a downward spiral before it had the chance to start.

Reblogging because after I read an article about it, I was really worried about the same thing possibly happening. I hope that this doesn’t cause her to go after the reviewer again. I’m really worried about that being a possibility. 

tbh from what hale wrote in that article, it seems like the woman she was talking to WAS blythe, but she was too scared of her to admit it. i would be, too. i could be wrong, but…

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